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I give you a gift and her name is Sandi Radomski. She has created a professional, easy to understand manual that is a MUST READ for serious students of these procedures.

Gary Craig, Creator of Emotional Freedom Technique

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Basic Treatments for Substance Sensitivities

The Allergy Antidotes system uses five basic treatment modalities: 


1.   Spinal Release


2.   Laser Spray


3.   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


4.   Body Talk


5.   Holloway Technique

Spinal Release stimulates acupuncture points on the back on either side of the spine, to balance the meridians in relation to the offending substance.  These points on the bladder meridian correspond to all of the other meridians in the body.  Laser Spray stimulates ear acupuncture points to balance the reflex points that refer to all parts of the body.  Laser Spray is also used to stimulate reflex points on the hands and feet.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses meridian endpoints to clear the negative reaction.  Body Talk uses tapping on the head and sternum and the Holloway Technique uses points along the sides of the body on the spleen meridian.

In conjunction with the basic treatments the Allergy Antidotes system also uses four specialized protocols:

         1.   Emotional Sensitivity Treatment
         2.   Body Sensitivity Treatment
         3.   Trauma Sensitivity Treatment
         4.   Body Wisdom Treatment

The Emotional Sensitivity Treatment identifies events and emotions that may be blocking a treatment.  The Body Sensitivity Treatment is used when a problem with a body organ, system, hormone or fluid has influenced a sensitivity reaction.  Trauma Sensitivity Treatment combines the allergy treatment with clearing the emotional trauma associated with onset of the reaction or contact with the substance.  The Body Wisdom Technique determines whether a specific infectant (bacteria, virus, parasite, mold) is the cause of the problem. 

Research Findings

Dr. Penny Montgomery and Dr. Margaret Ayers have conducted two landmark studies with great relevance to the treatment of allergy-like reactions to substances.  Using real time EEG findings, Drs. Montgomery and Ayers have discovered specific brain wave patterns that denote sensitivity to a particular substance.  In the first study, they have successfully proven that brain waves return to normal after using N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) - a similar procedure to Spinal Release - to clear the reaction.  The importance of this research is in documenting not only the presence of the sensitivity but the effectiveness of the treatment as well.  The second study documents changes in brain waves when the subject merely holds an energy frequency tube containing a substance to which he or she is reactive, illustrating the effectiveness of Energy Frequency Tubes to detect and treat sensitivity reactions. 


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I wouldn’t like to be without lasers because they really seem to reach parts that other energy therapies don’t.

Willem Lammers, Psychologist, Certified Trauma Therapist

"Thank you Sandi. Amazing workshop with so much useful information to take away and use to heal myself and others. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt, but also learning more experimenting with your techniques. Good balance to the workshop, however, being a course junkie it was all over too quickly. Amazing person and awesome teacher.

Love and big hugs,
Sharon. UK..