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I give you a gift and her name is Sandi Radomski. She has created a professional, easy to understand manual that is a MUST READ for serious students of these procedures.

Gary Craig, Creator of Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-like Reactions Page 2

What to Test First?  Once you have determined that substance sensitivities may be a contributing factor in your patient’s health, you need to begin testing various substances.  Since we are imbalanced by so many influences, the question is always, “What to test first?”

First Test Allergy Antidotes Core Collection

It is important to initially test and treat the substances contained in the Allergy Antidotes Core Collection.  The Core Collection is composed of essential nutrients as well as toxic chemicals to which we are exposed.  A patient who is weak on a nutrient is unable to absorb and utilize that nutrient properly.  For example, if you are sensitive to calcium, you would not absorb the calcium in your foods or supplements.  Toxic chemicals and heavy metals tend to set the body up for further problems with bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds and parasites.  Research findings increasingly link childhood vaccinations with impaired functioning

Allergy AntidotesTMCore Collection

- Egg/Chicken
- Calcium/Milk
- Vitamin C
- B Complex Vitamins
- Sugar
- Minerals
- Heavy Metals
- Toxic Chemicals
- Petrochemicals
- Pesticides
- Vaccines

Other Substances to Check for Sensitivity Reactions
The identification process proceeds with questioning and then testing those items that patients ingest, inhale, contact or inject.  Patients are asked to bring in samples from home and we also assess and test past exposures to problem substances.

Allergy Antidotes techniques check foods eaten, medications, supplements, personal care products, school and office products, toxic metals and chemicals, animals, outdoor environment, body fluids, hormones, neurotransmitters, digestive enzymes, organs, and infectants such as mold, virus, bacteria and parasites.  People can also be reactive to persons and places.  Severely sensitive people have even been reactive to basic elements such as oxygen and hydrogen.

Allergy Antidotes Energy Frequency Tubes
Allergy Antidotes Energy Frequency Tubes facilitate muscle testing to uncover reactive substances.  These tubes contain the electromagnetic frequency of various substances.  Holding the tube creates the same reaction in the body as holding the actual substance.  Since the electromagnetic energy of the tubes is magnified 10 times, Energy Frequency Tubes are often more efficient than the actual substance in identifying reactions.

Currently, there are five Allergy Antidotes Collections:

- Expanded Core Collection

- Basic Body Collection

- Foods Collection

- Emotion Collection

- Neurotransmitters and Digestive Enzymes Collection

Smaller, mini-packets of Vaccines, Heavy Metals, Additional Emotions, and Elements are also available, along with a 48-tube set of Immune System components. 

Once a Reactive Substance is Identified
By merely identifying the substance sensitivities, a higher quality of life is afforded to a sensitive person who can now avoid the reactive substance.  However, it is often difficult, impossible or merely undesirable to avoid the substance.  For example, it is difficult to avoid dust, perfumes or formaldehyde.  It is impossible to avoid implants in one’s body or one’s hormones and it is dangerous to avoid vitamins or minerals.  In these cases it is necessary to alter the body’s reaction to the substance.

Treatment of Substance Sensitivities

Energy psychology treatments for substance sensitivities help to reprogram the body so that it no longer reacts negatively to the substance.  Once reprogrammed the body essentially no longer views the substance as a poison.  All of the treatments are done with the patient focused on the reactive substance.  The focus can be while holding the substance, holding a tube with the energetic signature of the substance, holding a piece of paper with the name of the substance, or saying and thinking of the substance.  The body’s energy system is then balanced in relation to the offending substance.  The treatment of stimulating acupuncture points eliminates the energy imbalance in relation to that substance and thereby ends the body’s negative reaction.  The treatment is complete when the body has been reprogrammed to accept the substance.

It is clear that the energy psychology treatments for allergies are analogous to the TFT and EFT treatments for negative emotions.  The reactive substance causes changes in the body’s energy system similar to the disturbance caused by a negative emotion, thought or scene.  The energy system is then balanced in relation to the substance by stimulating specific acupuncture points as is done in TFT and EFT for negative thoughts or scenes.  Other treatment modalities utilize reflex points or other points of the body to regain balance of the body in relation to the offending substance.

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